Your website can sell your product, or share your ideas to the world. Building a website does not start with creating pages. A site starts with an idea or product and how you want to present it. It would be impossible to detail everything involved in one page. All web-development work is conducted after an initial consultation has been conducted. If you have an existing domain name with hosting your site will not be updated until the work is complete. This process avoids any problems that may arise from visitor cookies and downtime. Your website will be viewable at any time so you can see how it develops. Web Development work is also available outside the Huntsville, AL area, but keep in mind that consultation and a down payment will be required. All local development and consultation costs are waived until the work requested is 50% completed. At this time 50% of the work cost is required and final cost at the time of completion. There is no risk involved. You should be happy with your site and not regretting what you paid for. Every website that is produced here is fully responsive, not like many sites that manipulate the zoom through one line of code. All site work is fully functional on smartphones, tablets and desktops regardless of screen size.

  • Content Management Systems allow you to easily add content without manually coding elements on your website. This is also a much cheaper alternative to other database driven websites that require manual editing, and non-database driven sites. The most popular choice is Wordpress, although Drupal and Joomla are also popular. This site is built using wordpress and it supports Foobox, a premium plugin that is highly recommended for any website. (Foobox is only available for Wordpress sites)



    I would highly recommend choosing one of the CMS installations listed above if you are not comfortable with Html and Php code. There are advantages and disadvantages with them all but keep in mind that Wordpress will offer the most options and is updated more frequently. Please keep in mind that your choice will be the foundation of your FrontEnd or entire site.

    • This is the cheapest route to having your own website with easy content updates and automatic security fixes.
  • HTML5 is quickly becoming a viable alternative to Adobe Flash. Anyone with an iOS device has at one time navigated to a site to see broken navigation and or content because flash player is not installed. Let's face facts even if you are an Android user your visitors will have iOS devices. The iPhone and iPad devices do not support Flash Player due to security issues with Flash content. HTML5 animations and video can be viewed on any modern pc or mobile device regardless of manufacturer. Every website that is created here uses HTML5 video and or animations to avoid any problems. Hype 3 Pro is also used to create HTML5 animations and complete websites in less time.

    HTML5Flash PlayerHype

  • Sometimes it is what you don't see that makes or breaks a website. If your site takes too long to display a new visitor is likely to go elsewhere. Optimizing a website can take longer than creating your content, but it should not be dismissed. Feel free to use Gtmetrix's free service to check your existing website or any site by clicking the image below:


    A content delivery network (CDN) can greatly improve page loading for your website. MaxCDN is one provider and is used here exclusively. When used in conjunction with a good hosting provider your website will load the most efficient way possible. This option is easy to setup, but keep in mind that this service would need to paid on a monthly basis and is always seperate from hosting charges. More information can be found by clicking the image below.


CMS Base Pricing Includes: MORE-INFO
  • All Web-Development projects are hosted onsite while work is conducted.
  • All requested & Recommended Plugins are Installed & Customized.
  • Theme is customized and color matched to your requirements.
  • A minimum of 30 hrs of development work is included with base pricing.
  • Basic SEO Optimization & Custom Favicon matched to your business or personal logo.
  • Simple Web-App mode capability with icons and loading screens for iOS visitors.
  • At the completion of your site a full database and file backup is conducted and provided.
  • Installation on your web hosting is conducted and verified.

  • Please Note: All development work that will be hosted on GoDaddy regardless of plan you use does not qualify for base pricing. The installation, proper function of databases, and scripts are limited and in some cases impossible to function without you requesting very specific changes to their limited framework. (I have also had cases where they would not update or provide simple modifications that many hosts already provide) GoDaddy is an excellent domain registrar but I would never recommend them as a web host.